2017 Jan Winter Campout

Winter Campout - 1/13/17 - 1/15/17 (For those not attending Winter Sports trip)

Where: Falls Lake - Rollingview Campground, Raleigh NC


Backpacking Skills - These are essential preps for the Feb backpacking trip:

- Packing - How to pack light, where to pack everything.

- Clothes - What to consider when picking clothing.

- Water filters - Choices and how to use.

- Cooking - Food and stove choices. Cook in small groups using backpacking stoves and lightweight foods.

- Sleeping - How to sleep warmer.


- Hiking on the Mountains to Sea trail.


- Basic topographic map reading and smart phone apps to aid in backpacking.

- Use compass on Mountain to Sea hike for rank requirements.

Fire Building Skills:

- Learn how to start and maintain a fire.


- Free time including Capture the Flag.

Questions: Contact ASM - Rich Kolbush, rk7395@gmail.com