Adult Leaders

Course Title

Adult Leader Fast Start Training

Adult Leader Position-Specific


Wood Badge Training

Youth Junior Leader Training (JLT)

Adult Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) Training

Course Description

Fast Start Training: An orientation training for your volunteer position you can take to get you started before Position-Specific is available. This training can be taken on-line at

Leader Position-Specific Training: The main course necessary to be considered “trained” for your Scouting position. See the training page of for “What Makes a Trained Leader.” Please Note: The instructor-led version of Position-Specific is the preferred method of training in the BSA. Self-Study such as these e-learning courses are only for those who cannot otherwise attend a training course.

Supplemental Training: The training beyond “the basics” to learn more about a particular skill or program. Check with your local council and view the training page of for additional opportunities.

A troop level training conference in which Assistant Scoutmasters present the BSA-recommended training syllabus. The training lasts half day and can be part of a weekend retreat/camping trip. The course will teach basic unit organization, individual job descriptions, leadership principles, etc. The course will also familiarize each participant with troop specific information (e.g., planning calendars, org charts, phone tree lists, e-mail logs, etc..

A troop level training conference in which the Troop Committee's Advancement Chairman presents the BSA-recommended training syllubus. The training lasts one to two hours and can be part of a weekend retreat/camping trip. The training familiarizes a new MBC with BSA guidelines and troop policies. The MBC's area of expertise and interests are determined so a MBC application can be completed as part of the training and submitted to the Council office. The course is offered to registered adult volunteers or adult volunteers who intend to complete the registration process after the course.

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