STEM & Scouts, Camporee, NYLT, Parade

Post date: Mar 8, 2014 3:28:18 AM

  • NC State is also trying to get a STEM program with scouts started, Engineering technique lessons will be held on May 17 or sometime in December. This will not count toward merit badge requirements and is for STEM purposes only.

  • The Impeesa District Camporee is April 11-13, the same time as the Mountain Man campout. If you are not going you can get service hours and merit badge requirements for numerous badges.

  • NYLT is June 13-15 and June 27-29 at Camp Campbell. New Scout Leaders will be informed of this opportunity after Troop elections at end or March.

  • March 15th is the St. Patrick's Day parade and scouts have been requested to participate; if you are interested, E-mail for more information.