PLC 5/6/14

Post date: May 10, 2014 12:47:28 PM

PLC Minutes for 5/6/14

June 21- need 3 scouts for flag ceremony at vietnam veterans dinner. In the afternoon.

next meeting plan…

skills instruction- knot tying game and learning. Use edge method.

Shotgun- 2 weeks later (5/20/14)

skills game- tents

skills instruction presentation- June campout related

Back to the Future- 3 weeks later (5/21/14)

skills game- water purification

Campout planning- June

Troll- Promotion- sign up sheet, flyer

Shotgun- Program- make outline for campout, campfire (bring ax, cannot bring wood to campsite), vespers.

Logistics- Back to the Future

Adults can lend canoes for June Campout.

Gomers responsible now for cracker barrel.

July Campout Summer Camp

Troll- Logistics- huck finn race materials and transporting them to camp

Back to the Future- Program- Payments

Shotgun- Promo.- promote campout

Get more older scouts to sign up for campouts

August- Boat day

Back to the Future- Promotion- announcements

Shotgun- logistics- place, number of scouts, who has boats, drivers

Troll- Program- rotations and groups in boats, service project, campfire

Merit badge opportunities on Boat day- water sports, small boat sailing.

One night of camping is required

May 17- Annual planning meeting- anyone in troop is welcome, PLC members are required to come, 9-1, Doughnuts in morning, Pizza provided for lunch.

Service projects- cleanup of greenway trail can be done anytime from now until July.

June 21- Set date right now for greenway clean up Troll- promote greenway clean up by may 13th meeting.

Stop, start, continue at end of every PLC meeting.

Stop-- wall ball at start of meetings

Start-- campouts planned earlier, communicating with troop, planning meetings 3 months in advance.

Continue-- being the best troop!