4/19/2014 YLT

Post date: May 6, 2014 2:07:26 PM

Minutes for Saturday, 4/19/14 YLT led by Alex Smith

Started: 8:00 AM Ended:12:10 PM

Leadership Motivational Speech

Attendance: Matthew G., Duncan M., Quinn, Landon K., Jacob C., Andrew S., Chase M., Charlie D., Alex S., Michael P., Ethan B., Kyle J., Ben L.


  • Boy led troop -- Scoutmasters don't need to run a whole lot

  • Successful boy led troop -- Campouts planned well, KP, rank advancement, Inter-patrol activity, team-based.

  • Rank Advancement -- 15 minutes before and after weekly meetings.

  • Inter-patrol activity -- fun activities related to scouting

  • Troop/patrol -- Even distribution of jobs so nobody has to do too much work and is organized.

  • Examples of Leaders and Qualities

Good PLC meetings

  • Patrol Leaders plan skills instruction

  • ASPL Duncan -- Fitness ideas during PLC

  • Campout planning -- not first year patrols, duty roster revision, plan for campouts 3 months in advance, designated responsibilities.

  • Logistics -- Book campout site, prices, number of scouts, drivers

  • Setup -- Arrive at 6:45 to setup, nobody leaves until it's clean

  • Promotion -- flyer, sign-up sheet (Name, Rank, E-mail), presentation, designate scouts to do flags, flags ceremony on campouts.

  • Skills instruction -- enthusiasm, everyone joins in

  • Inter-patrol activity -- Change it up, not same every week

Patrol Duties: On website: http://www.troop350nc.org/scouts/scouts_filecabinet/Troop_350_Duty_Roster_May-Dec_2014.docx

  • Mini PLC after every meeting for ASPL's and Patrol Leaders

  • Stop, Start, Continue

    • Stop -- Announcement board, playing around during patrol time, stop talking during presentation.

    • Start -- Mini patrol time at end of meetings, communicating outside of meetings, better attendance on campouts, enthusiasm, listening, looking at announcement board.

    • Continue -- doing a good job, going on campouts

  • Announcements -- big announcements are said out loud and small ones are said in patrol time.

May 17 -- Annual Planning Meeting and PLC