September PLC Minutes 9/1/15

Post date: Sep 14, 2015 2:43:40 AM

Start - 7:12

PLC Leader - Michael Parker

Attendance:Aditya Shetye, Daniel Nakhle, Hunter Jones, Evan Smith, Charlie Davis, and Andrew Salter

Scoutmasters - Mr. Litsas, Mr. Parker, Mr. Jones, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Smith

Patrol Roles


Troll - Flags/Promotion

Shotgun - Program

BTTF - Set up/Logistics


Troll - Set up/Logistics

Shotgun - Flags/Promotion

BTTF - Flags/Promotion


Troll - Program

Shotgun - Set up/Logistics

BTTF - Flags/Promotion

Research a possible new camp for 2017

Camp Boddie- Charlie Davis

Camp Cherokee - Evan Smith


September - Biking Trip, at the Virginia Creeper

October - Canoe Trip, at Bear Island

November - webelos Invitational


September 15th

Bike Inspection, bring your bike! If you are going on the biking trip you must attend this meeting. The exact location has not been decided yet, listen for announcements next meeting.

September 22nd

Court of Honor, Back to the Future is set up

September 29th

Back to the Future will have an activity for us, on biking and bike safety

October 6th - Normal meeting

October 13th - Troll Patrol: Backpacking stove demonstration

October 20th - Shotgun Patrol: Canoeing demonstration, Board of Review. Webelos 2 are going to attending this meeting. Shotgun Patrol, have a fun team building activity for them

October 27th - Back to the Future

Somethings to Think About

Our December service project will be held at Umstead Park

We are going to do another Greenway trial clean-up on September 12th and will start at 9:00 or 10:00

Back to the Future, talk to Mr. Sandy about a five mile hike, for the first class requirement

Sell more popcorn this year, which ever patrol sells the most amount of popcorn gets to pie the SPL in the face!

Think of more fundraising ideas, and email them to Michael

Take attendance during meetings

End: 8:14