October 7, 2014

Post date: Oct 8, 2014 12:03:52 AM

Meeting started at 7:22PM

Location: Asbury

Attendance: Daniel, Michael Parker, Chase, Andrew Salter, Duncan, Ethan, Evan, Aditya, Keanan, Alex, Andrew Smith

    • Ideas about Webelos Invitational, what made you join Troop 350?

      • Cub scouts know knots but not lashings - some ideas about introducing lashings to a project

      • Bring some bamboo into the church and practice lashings

      • First aid presentation

      • Group everyone up and send them to do a scout activity and grade them and give them points based on how well they do.

      • Team exercises, team building

      • Cross the river game, Human knot, Human bridge

    • October 21, 2014

      • Presentation on packing led by shotgun patrol

    • November 4: PLC

      • Ideas for a good game contact Duncan

  • November 11 off site: Adventure Landing, Frankie's, Bowling

      • Rock Climbing

    • Duties for Each month

      • Back to the Future: Flags/Promotion

      • Shotgun: Program

      • Trolls: Setup/Logistics