June PLC Minutes- 6/9/15

Post date: Jun 23, 2015 12:34:31 AM

Attendance: Evan Smith, Andrew Salter, Sam belizzi, Hunter Jones, Michael Parker, Charlie Davis, Ethan Blume

-Michael Parker sent out email this weekend (not received by ethan, Evan, sam)

-respond to this email within two days

-weekly emails sent by Michael parker, email him if you haven't gotten it by Friday

-NYLT ask your parents if you can make it (2 long weekends in july and August)

-2016 research for non Durant summer camps (camp tuscarora-Ethan, camp bodies- charlie, ravenknob-ward, Daniel Boone- micheal p, Cherokee-Evan, Bowers- Peter, other-Daniel)


6/16- board of reveiw, summer camp meeting starting at 7:15 (parents and scouts), shotgun activity

6/23-back to the future activity/presentation (about different summer camps)



7/7- Troll patrol activity/ presentation

7/14- plc, leadership led game

7/21- shotgun patrol activity/ presentation, board of review

7/28- court of honor


8/4- PLC, leadership led game

8/11- Troll patrol activity/ presentation (water safety for boat day)

8/18- shotgun patrol activity/ presentation, board of review

8/25- back to the future activity/ presentation