December PLC minutes

Post date: Dec 11, 2015 12:42:35 AM

Scouts in Attendance:

Grayson Hassell, Aditya Shetye, Cole Davis, Alex Smith (younger), Jack Lawson, Hunter Jones, Grant Snyder, Thomas P., Daniel N., Andrew Salter

Gomers in Attendance:

Edomn Jones, Chris Heinze., Micheal Lawson, Chris Smith, Kevin Parker, Steven Musick, Sandy Smith, Karl Snyder

Meeting called to order by SPL Micheal Parker

Notes for Patrol Leaders:

Taking attendance every week has been lacking, Patrol leaders should start to take attendance every week or designate someone to do so.

AI: Communicate with your patrol via. e-mail at least once a month on patrol activities and requirements for the month.

AI: Send e-mails to your patrol regarding the gift exchange and what needs to be brought by all the Scouts in your patrol


8th: Lead by Troll Patrol, presentation on ski trip

15th: Lead by Shotgun, gift exchange

22nd and 29th: No meetings, vacation time.


5th: PLC, techno chit for the Ninja Patrol

12th: BOR? Lead by Trolls, more on ski trip packing ect. OA elections

16th: Greenway Cleenup

19th: BOR? lead by Shotgun, plan to be decided

22nd-24th: Ski Trip

26th: Court of Honor


2nd: PLC

9th: BOR? lead by Back to the Future patrol, leading a winter camping presentation, planning for possum hollow.

12th-14th: Possum hollow camp out

18th: BOR? lead by Troll Patrol, OA elections on this week, plans are to be decided.

23rd: Lead by Shotgun Patrol, plan is to be decided.


1st: PLC

4th-6th: Shotgun and Rifle campout

15th: Helping Asbury with food packing and cooking

BOR calendar mix up in January and February, being resolved. Action Item: Scoutmaster to decide, will update calendar

In the PLC we discussed putting a PLC aside for budgeting and monetary planning in the months ahead, as a PLC it was decided that this was necessary but did not decide on a specific PLC at the time.

*meetings during these months could be cancelled due to snow