10/18/2014 YLT

posted Oct 27, 2014, 4:21 PM by Carl Ely

YLT Minutes for Saturday, October 18th 9:00am-1:30pm

Led by Duncan McIntyre held at Umstead Park

Attendance: Andrew Salter, Jack Lawson, Peter Lane, Kenan Scarboro, Jeremy Roberts, Evan Smith, Ethan Blume, Samuel Ely, Matthew Gillespie, Quinn McIntyre, Chase McDonald,  Michael Parker, and Aditya Shetye


October- Bear Island

November- Webelos Invitational

December- No campout, but there might be a service project

January- Ski Trip

February- Pioneering and Orienteering skills


Trolls- Logistics- get canoes from other troops or try to get canoes from people you know

Shotgun- Flags and Promotion- Promotion- Have a sign-up sheet and Flyer for camping

Back to the Future- Program- no campfire, vespers, and there might be small MB opportunities

10/21- Shotgun- Presentation on Bear Island Campout

10/28- Back to the Future- Knots and a knot tying game


Trolls- Program- campfire, vespers, decide who goes to the climbing wall at which time, and there possibly might be a service project at Durant

Shotgun- Setup and Logistics- find out the cost of gas

Back to the Future- Flags and Promotion- have a sign-up sheet and flyer for the Webelos Invitational

11/4- PLC- There is a possibility for scout skill soccer

11/11- The meeting will not be held in the Church- We might possibly go Bowling, Rock Climbing at the Triangle Rock Club, or Hard knocks(hard knocks is a laser tag arena)

11/18- BOR- Remember to get a scout master conference before the Board of Review

11/25- COH


12/2- Back to the Future- PLC- Jeremy will have an activity planned

12/9- Trolls- Rank advancement and Ski Trip planning

12/16- Ski Trip planning

12/23- No meeting

12/30- Possibly no meeting, listen for announcements for this date


1/6- PLC

1/13- Shotgun- Presentation on the February Campout, which is going to be about Orienteering

1/20- COH

1/27- Troll- February Campout Planning


2/3- PLC

Key Points During the YLT

·         Troop 350 is a Boy led troop

·         Patrol leaders need to check-in with Duncan every week

Some Things we talked about that we could improve during our Campouts

·         Clean-up

·         Policing the Campsite

·         Listening to leadership

·         Remember respect is earned, you will not be respected just for the fact that you are in a leadership position

·         When you are a leader during a campout, you don’t say “You go do KP”, instead say “Let’s go do KP”

·         During KP do not have everybody in your patrol doing KP at one time

·         Have a patrol roster

·         The rule “whoever cooks does not have to clean” is not valid anymore, everyone will clean even if you cooked that meal



What Makes a Troop Function Successfully?

·         Staying Organized- Having a Plan

·         Communication- Make sure everyone is informed about what is happening in the troop

·         Teach- guide younger scouts into improving their rank and running for leadership positions

·         Do what you need to do to get the job done

·         Lead by Example

What’s going on in the Troop?

·         We are planning to have the first year patrols join some of the older patrols to learn how to plan campouts and meetings

·         We might reshuffle the patrols when the new first years join our troop

·         Scouts that are not in leadership positions still need to be helping their patrol leader in planning the campouts and meetings

·         We want good attendance for the troop meetings, come to more meetings