October 7, 2014

posted Oct 9, 2014, 4:17 PM by Carl Ely   [ updated Oct 10, 2014, 4:38 PM ]
PLC Minutes for Tuesday, October 7th
Meeting started at 7:22PM
Led by: Duncan
Attendance: Daniel, Michael, Chase, Andrew Salter, Duncan, Ethan, Evan, Aditya,  Keanan, Alex,  Andrew smith, Samuel Ely
14th- the Webelos 2 from pack 350 are joining us in our meeting. The trolls are going to have team building games like cross the river, The human knot, and The Human bridge.
21st - Shotgun patrol will be leading the meeting, they will have a presentation on packing for the Bear Island campout.
28th - The Back to the Future patrol will have a knot tying activity during the meeting.
Back to the Future: Program
Shotgun: Flags and Promotion
Trolls: Setup and Logistics
Troll: Program
Shotgun: Logistics and Setup
Back to the Future: Flags and Promotion
Webelos Invitational camp-out, but there might be a service project
18th- back to the Future will be running the meeting and there will be a Board of Review
Bear Island Camp-out (October) -  4:00pm Friday 24th - Sunday 26th
Webelos Invitational (November) - 5:00pm Friday 7th - 3:00pm Sunday 9th
For all leadership positions the YLT (Youth Leadership Training) will be held on October 18th
If you have any ideas for an inter-patrol activity please talk to Jeremy. Also think about service project ideas for December.