May PLC Minutes- 5/5/15

posted May 12, 2015, 4:29 PM by andrew salter

-emergency preparedness requirements 8b, 8c, 9 before the meeting next weeks meeting at 6:30 pm

-annual planning decided not to have boat day, tubing on the new river instead. Vote for it at the end of the meeting
-NYLT 7/29-8/2 or 8/14- 8/16, prepare our leadership team, occoneechee website calender link, 14+ or first class (exceptions with a waiver), troop pays for 2 people to go
-2016 research for non Durant summer camps (camp tuscarora-Ethan, camp bodies- charlie, ravenknob-ward, Daniel Boone- micheal p, Cherokee-Evan, Bowers- Peter, other-Daniel)

Attendance: Michael Parker, Alex Smith, Charlie Davis, Daniel Cabrera, Evan Smith, Ethan Blume, Ward Smith, Peter Lane

5/5- plc
5/12- trolls (search and rescue activity), 
5/19- shotgun (streacher races), emergency preparedness evacuation drill
5/26- court of honor (Mitch and Chad Snyder eagle)
*5/29-5/31 coast guard trip, service at fort Macon, standard BSA search and rescue (merit badge- do prerequisites)

6/2 plc (possible swim test)
6/9 trolls-meeting (possible swim test), white water campout planning
6/16 Shotgun- not yet planned
6/23 back to the future- not yet planned
*sign up for white water closes soon, logistics needs to look at adult drivers, leave 1pm on 6/9, get back 6/11 $80.00, advancement opportunities
*second summer camp payment due, plan boat for hick Finn race, need additional drivers

7/7- philmont crew missing (no plc), rank advancement if needed (email if you want it (no Mr Parker, Mr Butler, Mr Cox), open park activities at Shelley lake
7/14 plc
7/21 Shotgun
7/28 back to the future