December PLC Minutes - 12/2/2014

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PLC Minutes for December 2nd 2014

Troop 350

Held at AMUC

Meeting started at 7:20 pm

Led by: Duncan McIntyre, SPL

Attendance: Alex Smith, Samuel Ely, Evan Smith, Daniel Nakhle, Michael Parker, Peter Lane, Aditya Shetye, Drew Curlin


Monthly Assignments for Patrol Presentations

1st week: Jeremy will have an activity during the PLC

2nd Week: Troll Patrol

3rd week: Shotgun Patrol

4th week: Back to the Future

5th week: Leadership Team

Calendar Dates


9th – Trolls- Planning, Rank advancement and Ski Trip planning

13th- Service project at Umstead State park

16th – BOR and Gift Exchange (Bring a gift of $10 to $20)


Troll –Drinks & Cups

Shotgun – Chips & crackers

Elites – Paper cup, plate, spoons, etc.

Back to the Future – Desert

Baconneers- Salsa & Dips

23rd - No meeting

30th - No meeting


6th – PLC, Jeremy will be having a scout related activity

13th - Troll- Ski trip presentation and OA election

20th – BOR – Orienteering presentation

27th –COH


3rd – PLC, Activity

10th- Orienteering presentation

17th - BOR 

24th -


December – No campout but there will be a service project at Umstead

January- Ski Trip at Snowshoe

February- Pioneering

More Information

Mr. Jones will be doing the scholarship and reading merit badge before meetings.