August Mini PLC Minutes 8/18/15

posted Aug 24, 2015, 4:22 PM by andrew salter
Attendance: Michael Parker, Evan Smith, Cole Davis, Aditya Shetye, Daniel Nakhle, Matthew Gillespie, Hunter Jones, Ward Smith, Peter Lane, Jeremy Roberts
-scout attendance and active leadership should pick up at the start of the school year
- there is a lack of communication and everyone needs to respond to all emails they receive
- if you are out of town, delicate your possition to another scout for that meeting
-if delegated, you must do the job you were assigned
- patrol leaders needs to work on delegate. Don't do it all by yourself, just make sure you get it done
- patrol advisors are there to guide patrol leaders and help them with problems they might have.
- refer to Mr parkers email with the troop roster in order to get your contacts plugged into your phone
- leaders of the troop should check their emails daily
-you need to earn the credit of your leadership term. Do not expect to get credit if you did not do your job.
- live up to expectations. Do your best as a leader in troop 350
- tell SPL and patrol leaders if you cannot attend a scouting event.
-patrol leaders should copy patrol advisers in emails to your patrol