August 5th, 2014

posted Oct 8, 2014, 4:28 AM by Rob Lockhart
PLC Minutes for August 5th, 2014  led by Alex Smith
Held at AUMC,  7:10 - 7:30
Attendance: Alex, Kyle, Andrew S., Daniel, Jacob, Michael P., Landon
Next week - August 12
Troll - boat day presentation
IP Activity - Work in progress
2 weeks - August 19
Shotgun - Work in progress
IP Activity - Work in progress
3 weeks - August 26
Back to Future - First Aid
IP Activity - injury races

Attendance is now online - link on the troop website. Patrol leaders mark attendance and submit form on website. Assistant Patrol leaders job if Patrol leader is not at meeting.
Starts next week - August 12th
Troll - promote trail cleanup for September 13th
Stop, Start, Continue:
Stop -
Start - Communicating outside of meeting nights
Continue -
Email coming out about possibility of hats/ number of people interested in buying a troop hat
Side note - Hats will not be a mandatory part of class A
Troop 350 shirts are back in stock!