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PLC Meeting Minutes

June PLC

posted Jun 12, 2016, 5:11 PM by TA B   [ updated Jun 12, 2016, 5:13 PM ]

PLC 6/7    Start 7:12pm   SPL: Grayson Hassell

Attendance: Grant Snyder, Hunter Jones, Alex Smith (younger), Charlie
Davis, Tate Barry, Alex Smith(elder), Zachary Whitaker, Elijah North,
Matthew Gillespie, James Rolf Blizzard

6/14 techno chip presentation led by Alex Smith, board of review, 
6/21 stick patrol (sidewalk chalk art merit badge, get backup)
6/28 back to the future (summer camp preparation presentation)

7/5 no meeting because of summer camp 
7/12 PLC, Asbury Service (details below)
7/19 troll patrol, summer camp presentation by Charlie Davis, board of review
7/28 Court of Honor

8/2 PLC, fitness activity
8/9 Back to the Future (boat day presentation) Board of Review
8/16 Shotgun meeting plan,
8/23 Troll meeting plan
8/30 Stick patrol meeting plan

6/25 9:00am LAKE PARK SWIM CLUB service opportunity- staining picnic tables and preparing benches, garden building, mulch

7/12 at meeting time ASBURY UMC service opportunity- removing metal
pieces from fence, rebuilding a retaining wall (Eagle Project), general

Camp outs for upcoming year
Oct 14-16 Snorkeling
Nov 18-20 WEBELOS invitational 
Jan 13-15 Ski Trip
Feb 10-12 Backpacking
Mar 10-12 Caving
Apr 28-30 camping for fun
May 12-14 canoeing/ kayaking
Jun 9-11 white water rafting 
Jul 9-15 summer camp (not definite on location or dates)
Aug 11-13 boat day
Sep 8-10 Rock climbing

CITIPASS COUPON BOOKS promotion to replace BEEF STICK sales for July 19 - August 23

Finish 8:12pm   Scribe: Ethan Blume

April PLC

posted May 3, 2016, 3:52 PM by TA B

PLC minutes from 4/12/2016
Began: 7:30 PM  Ended: 8:15 PM
SPL: Grayson Hassell

Attendance: Grayson Hassell, Ethan Blume, Charlie Davis, Alex Smith (younger), Grant Snyder, Hunter Jones, Ward Smith, Daniel Nahkle, Aditya Shetye, Ian Quinn, Alex Smith (elder), Zachery Whitaker, Elijah Wood, Micheal Parker, James Blizzard

4/12- PLC, fitness activity
4/19- Board of Review, troll patrol first aid relay plan, OA induction call out ceremony
*4/23- ILST (introduction to leadership skills for troops)/ annual planning (location n/a yet) THIS IS NECESSARY FOR ALL PLC MEMBERS
4/26- Shotgun patrol meeting, (aviation presentation?)

5/3- PLC, fitness led by Duncan McIntyre
*5/7- greenway cleanup (clarification from Ms Lane as to if greenway will be available on this date)
5/10- back to the future meeting plan
*5/13-15- CAMPING FOR FUN CAMPOUT (older scouts are necessary for instruction of first years)
5/17- Board of Review, troll patrol meeting plan
5/31- Stick patrol meeting plan

6/7 PLC, fitness activity led by Duncan McIntyre
6/14- back to the future meeting plan, **Check with committee about Board of Review
6/21- Church not available (most likely SWIM TEST for summer camp), troll patrol needs off campus ideas
6/28- Shotgun patrol meeting plan

* not a Tuesday meeting event

Fundraisers- camp cards (spring), beef jerky sticks (summer), popcorn (autumn)
- contact beef jerky company (Hunter Jones- find out finances from the company)
- will be discussing next fundraiser at ILST (4/23)

Responsibilities- setup/flags, logistics, program, promotion (assigned to patrols by the month)
-meeting planning rotation for patrols must be changed now that we have 4 patrols


posted Feb 13, 2016, 1:25 PM by James Blizzard   [ updated Feb 13, 2016, 1:26 PM ]

January PLC

posted Feb 13, 2016, 1:23 PM by James Blizzard

Scouts in Attendance:

Grayson Hassell, Aditya Shetye, Daniel Nakhle, Cole Davis, Alex Smith (younger), Jack Lawson, Ward Smith, Micheal Parker, Peter Lane, Thomas Powell

Gomers in Attendance:

Edmon Jones, Micheal Lawson, Farr Curlin, Kevin Parker, Chris Smith, Stephen Musick



Back to the Future will lead the second meeting of the month from now on, Trolls will lead the third, Shotgun will lead the fourth

For the knot tying relay on the 23rd of February make sure the knots are unusual but still applicable to life.

For the Rank advancement and blue card management presentation lead by Back to the Future on the 8th of March, an electronic presentation could be used. 



12th: lead by back to the future, presentation on emergency stretch building and a relay race.

16th: Greenway Cleanup. Starts at 9:00 A.M. Ending around 12:30-1:00 <Send a reminder to the Troop>

19th: lead by Troll Patrol, Board of Review, Ski planning meeting <Remind those going that this is a mandatory meeting>

26th: Court of Honor



2nd: PLC, Techno chit meeting lead by Mr. Lawson, Alex Smith, and Ethan Blume

9th: Lead by Back to the Future, winter camping presentation planned.

16th: Lead by Trolls, Board of Review, possible OA elections this week, presentation on gun safety.

23rd: Lead by Shotgun Patrol, knot tying presentation and relay




1st: PLC

4th-6th: Shotgun and Rifle camp out

8th:Lead by Back to the Future, rank advancement/blue card management presentation.

15th: WHIN is at Asbury this week, meeting for capture the flag at Williams Park.

22nd: Court of Honor

29th: No meeting; Spring break.

December PLC minutes

posted Dec 10, 2015, 4:42 PM by James Blizzard

Scouts in Attendance:

Grayson Hassell, Aditya Shetye, Cole Davis, Alex Smith (younger), Jack Lawson, Hunter Jones, Grant Snyder, Thomas P., Daniel N., Andrew Salter

Gomers in Attendance:

Edomn Jones, Chris Heinze., Micheal Lawson, Chris Smith, Kevin Parker, Steven Musick, Sandy Smith, Karl Snyder

Meeting called to order by SPL Micheal Parker

Notes for Patrol Leaders:

Taking attendance every week has been lacking, Patrol leaders should start to take attendance every week or designate someone to do so.

AI: Communicate with your patrol via. e-mail at least once a month on patrol activities and requirements for the month.

AI: Send e-mails to your patrol regarding the gift exchange and what needs to be brought by all the Scouts in your patrol


8th: Lead by Troll Patrol, presentation on ski trip

15th: Lead by Shotgun, gift exchange

22nd and 29th: No meetings, vacation time.


5th: PLC, techno chit for the Ninja Patrol

12th: BOR? Lead by Trolls, more on ski trip packing ect. OA elections

16th: Greenway Cleenup

19th: BOR? lead by Shotgun, plan to be decided

22nd-24th: Ski Trip

26th: Court of Honor


2nd: PLC

9th: BOR? lead by Back to the Future patrol, leading a winter camping presentation, planning for possum hollow.

12th-14th: Possum hollow camp out

18th: BOR? lead by Troll Patrol, OA elections on this week, plans are to be decided.

23rd: Lead by Shotgun Patrol, plan is to be decided.


1st: PLC

4th-6th: Shotgun and Rifle campout

15th: Helping Asbury with food packing and cooking

BOR calendar mix up in January and February, being resolved. Action Item: Scoutmaster to decide, will update calendar

In the PLC we discussed putting a PLC aside for budgeting and monetary planning in the months ahead, as a PLC it was decided that this was necessary but did not decide on a specific PLC at the time.

*meetings during these months could be cancelled due to snow

November PLC minutes

posted Nov 17, 2015, 2:48 PM by James Blizzard

Attendance: Andrew Salter, Ethan Blume, Matthew Gillespie, Alex Smith, Evan Smith, Jack Lawson, Hunter Jones, Cole Davis, Grant Snyder, Zac Whittaker, and Tate Barry.
3rd: Off-site meeting at the Bowling Alley on Hillsborough st. 2512 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27607
10th: Off-site meeting at Williams park off Lynn Road 1525 Lynn Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612.  Personal Fitness will be held this week at the park, WEBELOS invitational preparation and planning this week. Meeting lead by troll patrol possible scout skill training
17th Off-site meeting at Williams park off Lynn Road 1525 Lynn Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612 WEBELOS invitational preparation and planning this week. Meeting lead by shotgun patrol, possible scout skill training.  Board of Review at the park this week.
WEBELOS invitational scout skills: Fire building, Shelter building, lashings to build a possible scouting device (weather rock possibly).​  The logistics of the shelter building is important but still being decided on.  At the invitational WEBELOS will be split into two groups (morning and afternoon climbers).
24th: Chord of Honor.​
1st: PLC and a game lead by Jeremy.
5th: Service project at Umstead park.  Project is being decided upon. activities after the project could include: 5 mile hike, a race held by Umstead, a nature hike, and possibly an ultimate Frisbee game.
8th: Meeting lead by troll patrol, trolls will be giving a presentation the topic of which is to be decided upon. At this meeting promotion of the ski trip and the green way clean-up should begin.
15th: meeting lead by the shotgun patrol.  Gift Exchange, logistics are to be decided.
22nd and 29th: there is no meeting due to holiday break.
16th: Greenway Cleanup.

October PLC Minutes 10/6/15

posted Oct 12, 2015, 4:32 PM by andrew salter

Start - 7:15pm
SPL - Michael Parker
Scoutmaster - Mr. Parker
Attendance (Scouts) - Peter Lane, Aditya Shetye,
Daniel Nakhle, Evan Smith, Ward Smith, Matthew Gelispe
(Assistant Scoutmasters) - Mr. Smith, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Sandy Smith, Mr. Hienze, and Mr. Litsas
Patrol Duties
Troll - Set up/ Logistics
Shotgun - Flags/ Promotion
BTTF - Program
Troll - Program
Shotgun - Set up/ Logistics
BTTF - Flags/ Promotion
Troll - Flags/ Promotion
Shotgun - Program
BTTF - Set up/ Logistics

Cub Scouts from Pack 352 and 399 will be joining us for our meeting, so we will be doing the human bridge activity.
Prepare for bear Island trip - Cooking on backpacking stoves.
Cahoot by the Troll patrol
Shotgun patrol will be leading this meeting.
Pack 350 will be joining our meeting, and we will be doing the human bridge activity again.
We will also be doing a first-aid carry relay race.
PLC has been moved to this meeting.
BTTF patrol will be leading this meeting.
We will most likely have an activity centered around a merit badge.
Shotgun patrol will need to create a flyer and sign-up sheet for the Webelos invitational.
Come to the meeting dressed up in your halloween costume
Meeting will be off campus
We will go bowling at the alley, on Hillsborough St.
Shotgun patrol will be leading this meeting.
Meeting will be at William's park across from Lynn Road Elementary.
We will prep for the Webelos invitational
BTTF patrol will lead this meeting
The December service project will be at Umstead State park on Dec 5th, the time has not yet been specified.
Troll Patrol
Shotgun Patrol
Gift Exchange
no meeting
No meeting

The Green Way clean-up will be on January 16th

Your ASPL - Aditya Shetye

End: 8:09 pm

September PLC Minutes 9/1/15

posted Sep 13, 2015, 7:43 PM by andrew salter

Start - 7:12

PLC Leader - Michael Parker

Attendance:Aditya Shetye, Daniel Nakhle, Hunter Jones, Evan Smith, Charlie Davis, and Andrew Salter

Scoutmasters - Mr. Litsas, Mr. Parker, Mr. Jones, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Smith

Patrol Roles


Troll - Flags/Promotion

Shotgun - Program

BTTF - Set up/Logistics


Troll - Set up/Logistics

Shotgun - Flags/Promotion

BTTF - Flags/Promotion


Troll - Program

Shotgun - Set up/Logistics

BTTF - Flags/Promotion

Research a possible new camp for 2017

Camp Boddie- Charlie Davis

Camp Cherokee - Evan Smith


September - Biking Trip, at the Virginia Creeper

October - Canoe Trip, at Bear Island

November - webelos Invitational


September 15th 

Bike Inspection, bring your bike! If you are going on the biking trip you must attend this meeting. The exact location has not been decided yet, listen for announcements next meeting.

September 22nd

Court of Honor, Back to the Future is set up

September 29th

Back to the Future will have an activity for us, on biking and bike safety

October 6th - Normal meeting

October 13th - Troll Patrol: Backpacking stove demonstration

October 20th - Shotgun Patrol: Canoeing demonstration, Board of Review. Webelos 2 are going to attending this meeting. Shotgun Patrol, have a fun team building activity for them 

October 27th - Back to the Future

Somethings to Think About

Our December service project will be held at Umstead Park

We are going to do another Greenway trial clean-up on September 12th and will start at 9:00 or 10:00

Back to the Future, talk to Mr. Sandy about a five mile hike, for the first class requirement

Sell more popcorn this year, which ever patrol sells the most amount of popcorn gets to pie the SPL in the face!

Think of more fundraising ideas, and email them to Michael

Take attendance during meetings

End: 8:14

August Mini PLC Minutes 8/18/15

posted Aug 24, 2015, 4:22 PM by andrew salter

Attendance: Michael Parker, Evan Smith, Cole Davis, Aditya Shetye, Daniel Nakhle, Matthew Gillespie, Hunter Jones, Ward Smith, Peter Lane, Jeremy Roberts
-scout attendance and active leadership should pick up at the start of the school year
- there is a lack of communication and everyone needs to respond to all emails they receive
- if you are out of town, delicate your possition to another scout for that meeting
-if delegated, you must do the job you were assigned
- patrol leaders needs to work on delegate. Don't do it all by yourself, just make sure you get it done
- patrol advisors are there to guide patrol leaders and help them with problems they might have.
- refer to Mr parkers email with the troop roster in order to get your contacts plugged into your phone
- leaders of the troop should check their emails daily
-you need to earn the credit of your leadership term. Do not expect to get credit if you did not do your job.
- live up to expectations. Do your best as a leader in troop 350
- tell SPL and patrol leaders if you cannot attend a scouting event.
-patrol leaders should copy patrol advisers in emails to your patrol

August PLC Minutes- 8/4/15

posted Aug 24, 2015, 4:20 PM by andrew salter

PLC Scout Schedule

Meeting Attendees- Scouts: Charlie Davis, Cole Davis, Daniel Nakhle, James Pierson, Evan Smith,   

                                                   Ward Smith, Zachary Whitaker

                                      Leaders:  Mr. Litsas, Mr. Parker, Mr. Quinn. 


 Boat day 8/14-8/16

Falls Lake

4 merit badge options

Dutch oven cooking

Skiing, tubing, canoeing and kayaking 

Axe yard for younger scouts

 Next meeting- find someone to talk about drug use- i.e. fireman. 

Mr. Goodman  

 Meeting leaders: 

8/11   BTF 

8/18   shotgun 

8/25   troll 


 Biking trip  9/25- 9/27

 9/15- Bring bikes in for inspection at 7:00. Meeting will be held at blue jay point

 9/8-Bike safety meeting *merit badge credit

 Meeting Leaders: 

9/1  PLC 

9/8  BTF 

9/15  shotgun 

9/22  COH 

9/29  Troll


 Setup\logistics: troll

 Promotion: shotgun

 Potential greenway clean up dates: 5th, 12th, 19th  

 And remember to stay diligent on taking attendance!

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